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Hi Y’all! 

Today I decided to check out all bands that followed me on twitter (@ALoveForBands, I always follow back c:). I will also post the bands that have messaged me here on tumblr in this list. So also to all bands that read this: Message me here or on twitter c:

So here’s a list of all the bands that followed me. 


  • A New Day (british punk kinda band, nice sound, nice voice)
  • Reachback (Punk(rock) band, female vocalist, rad covers & soon they’re coming with their own music)
  • Terraform UK (hard rock/screamo band)
  • Castles (if you like om&m I think you could appreciate this band, hard to find so here’s a link songs
  • Forgotten Fallacy (screamo)
  • ARIA (Punk rock, combination of paramore and tonight alive, I discovered them myself but they followed me. It’s worth a listen c:)
  • Radio Silence ( ((classic) rock band, old sound)
  • Sea Swallowed Us Whole (hard rock band, vocals & screamo)
  • SIlver Story (combination of Rock, punk and pop)
  • Slaves (Alternative (hard) rock band, small punk influences.)
  • I divide (Alternative (hard)rock band)
  • FLEISCHMANN ((heavy)hard rock band)
  • Eclipses For Eyes (pop/rock band, female vocals, bryan stars posted one of their vids on his channel)
  • Stars & The Sky (post hardcore as they say themselfs)
  • Open Sails (rock band, female vocalist)
  • CabinBoyJumpedShip (”Leicestershire based electronic/metalcore band”
  • Diamond Days (alternative/hard rock band)
  • The Bowery (hard rock band/screamo, metal)
  • Among The Betrayed (metal, (hard)rock)
  • Leopards (alternative rock band, punk)
  • Entendre (alternative,(hard)rock band)
  • Live My Last (alternative, rock)
  • Glamour of the Kill (metal, hardrock)
  • General Bastard (metal-ish)
  • Bloodline Riot (Modern Rock/Metal band)
  • U:CODIA (Alternative / Rock band from Sydney Australia)
  • Follow The Blind (dosn’t follow me on twitter, but it’s the band of my Swedish friend’s brother. Worth a listen)
  • Defy The Skyline (Female fronted Alternative Rock band from Pembroke Pines, FL)
  • Rett Smith (singer-songwriter, solo artist)
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