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Hey, sorry to bother, but do you mind telling your followers about our blog? It's a nonprofit movement dedicated to helping music fans struggling with self-harm/depression/suicide/eating disorders. It encourages them to be positive and to stay strong, through music and reaching out to others who care. We would love as many followers as possible so that we can help as many people from all over who may really need to be reminded that they arent alone. Thanks xx

Dear, lovely followers,

could you all please read this message and spread the word? I think it’s a really good initiative that can help many people. They put together 2 factors that are strongly connected with eachother. It’s something many people nowadays can relate to. And this way the movement tries to help as many people as possible. I, myself, know how important this can be. Small things like this can brighten up people’s lifes. Music Always has helped me through a lot of pain and struggles as well. I wouldn’t know what to do without music. So that’s why I think It’s something really good those people try to achieve c:




Okay, so I’ve done this earlier and decided to do it again. Many bands and bandmembers have been following me on twitter lately. Especially after my follow of The Color Morale. So here’s a list of all the bands.

  • For The Fallen Dreams (verified, touring with TAA)
  • Hero For Today (”*Orange County Rock Band* ”)
  • @FidesInRyan (Guitarist for FidesInUs,Electronic Hardcore)
  • PTTI: The Point Past Insanity (5 piece metalcore band from Des Moines, IA)   
  • @TyVultures (drums for LIke Vultures, post-hardcore)
  • @LikeDylanVanB (Bassist for Like Vultures)
  • For Tomorrow You Suffer (Metal band from NewZealand)
  • Pyro Ohio (post-hardcore)
  • Without Shores (melodic hardcore)
  • Piranha (hard/rock, heavy metal)
  • The End At The Beginning (Metalcore)
  • Every Minute Can Kill (Experimental Post-Hardcore)
  • Roots To Royalty (Post hardcore/metalcore)
  • Burn After Me (metal/hardcoreband from Italy)
  • As Temples Collide (metalcore/post-hardcore)
  • Myka, Relocate (went on tour with For All Those Sleeping, Capture The Crown and Ice Nine Kills.
  • Situations (Metal)
  • Our Last Crusade (8-string Metal/Hardcore band)
  • A Reason To Breathe (Post-Hardcore band from Spain)
  • Cry Excess (metal/rock/postcore, support Attila at a show in Milan)
  • Outline In Color (verified, Post Hardcore/Screamo/Electro)
  • Monday Night Mistake (pop/rock)
  • @EvacuateTheAlex (Vocals/guitar for Evacuate The City,6-Piece Metalcore band)
  • Four Nights Gone (Rock/Alternative/Post-Hardcore)
  • The Color Morale (I think most of you know who they are c;)
  • Schemata Theory (British metal 6-piece)
  • Darling Parade (verified, ”rocky-pop explosion”)
  • Out cold A.D (verified: Garden City Hardcore)
  • Lights & Apparitions (Metalcore/post-harcore band)
  • @Nabced (guitarist for anchors 2 anchors)
  • @dktindel (bassist for Upon The Water)
  • @KrisDemiseRtR (frontman of Roots to Reality)
  • QueSeraBand
  • @SamuelTheKidd (Vocals & guitar for Lavoe)
  • Common bond (Metal/Hardcore/Mosh Perth, Western Australia)
  • thres holds (Hardcore/Metalcore Band.)
  • Making Monsters (Female Fronted Alternative Metal Four Piece)
  • Miss Fortune (Will be touring with The World Alive, The Color Morale and Our Last Night this winter)
  • Eternal Void
  • Lakeshore
  • Sleep When You’re Dead
  • Brother Wolf (a 5-Piece band from Shreveport, LA)
  • Take In The Distance.
  • Sincerity ( South East UK Metalcore)
  • Aveira Skies (Metal/Hardcore)
  • For the fallen dreams (verified)
  • Message To Venus (verified, 21st Century Rock)

These were the most I could find on my list so far, Give the bands a listen so their hard work will pay off. I care over music and bands a lot that’s why I post this. Enjoy & Have a good day y’all c:



This is real. I saw om&m, saw them arrive. I got a setlist & a plectrum. I met Alan and Austin. My boyfriend got me an amazing tee & there’s waaaaay more. There’s much to tell but here’s some pictures to show.



(oh yea follow my boyfriend who is on the selfie with austin as well )

guysssss austin pointed at me & then smiled, Watch Austin very closely. On this vid, Im really glad someone filmed this since my phone died after a long sit at the venue. (01:30am-19:30pm). He recognized me cause I spammed him on instagram the whole night (@thelifeofaria). Although he didn’t seem to recognize me when I met him outside later. Im also still looking for a vid where austin held my hand & Alan sprinkles me with his water.

Went to the Tonight Alive concert tonight. I know this video might not be the best quality but it pictures the whole atmosphere and night to me. The song always is touching me so deeply. I just am very proud of this video. It was so beautiful. Everything was. It was an amazing and insane evening/night. One I will never ever forget. I don’t even want to forget this EVER.

 More videos and pictures may follow later.

love y’all, enjoy the video.